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Learn From The Pioneers of Computer Forensics

This instruction covers computer forensics theory, methods and procedures. The 5 day course covers computer forensics theory and evidence processing procedures, without focusing on specific computer forensics toolsets. This course is described in several computer forensics books. Many Computer Forensics tool vendors recommend this class to their clients to learn more advanced methods and procedures. It qualifies for Oregon State University (OSU) credits and an OSU Professional Development Certificate. Only one course you can take in computer forensics? This is the one.

Computer Evidence In The Courtroom

This 3 day computer evidence course is essentially a "Computer Forensics Finishing School". It is intended for individuals who want to learn the finer points of computer evidence presentations in the court room. This class is intended for individuals who already have expertise in computer forensics. NTI is proud to combine the talents and experience of computer forensics pioneers, computer litigation experienced lawyers and world class trial consultants in this unique class. There is no other training course like this available from any other source!

Policy Management Review and Risk Analysis Course

This 2 day security course, originally created for military and intelligence organizations, has been opened to a wider audience. The course deals specifically with the review of computer storage media and the identification of sensitive information that has migrated to open-use computers and computer systems. The participants gain an awareness of data hiding methodologies and threat potentials. Students learn how to handle these identified risks and leave the course with a full suite of U. S. DoD-certified software tools to mitigate risks. In addition, the course addresses IT compliance of security assurance as required by the Gramm-Leach-Bliley, HIPAA, and Sarbanes-Oxley Acts.

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