Software Suites

Software Suites provide a low cost way to maximize the tools you have to do your job. We have tried to bundle these tools into functions that are requested most. Looking for a specific tool? The tools are listed separately here.

Extract leads without contaminating the computer

The Stealth™ Suite is used to assess activity on a computer hard disk drive without the user needing a forensic background. This set of tools helps identify whether or not a targeted computer system was used to access inappropriate information.

Download the most recent NTALOGIC.NTI file (Right-click and select "Save As" - Unzip the file into your NTA Stealth directory) - Last Updated 06/11/2007

Computer Forensics Software Tool Suite

This suite of tools are often used in corporate and government investigations and security risk reviews. This suite is optimized for the lowest cost forensic platform for DOS and Windows processing, DOS. Many of the tools also have version that can be run on a Windows OS. This should be one of your first forensic toolsets. It also makes an excellent set of tools to cross-validate your findings before you go before the court or the board.

Computer Data Elimination and Validation Suite of Tools

Don't depend on one tool always working for all combination of drives, OS, computer hardware and BIOS. This Suite allows you to remove information from a drive and cross-validate that the information has been removed.

This is our most popular suite of software tools for the high assurance government or corporate environment. This suite of tools has been tested and certified by the US Department of Defense. It eliminates classified data 'leakage' and verifies that the data was properly eliminated.

Forensic Text and Code Search Tools

TextSearch NT and TextSearch Plus have both been upgraded! TextSearch NT is used to process Windows NT/2000/XP-based computer systems from a DOS command line. The upgraded program provides the same popular interface and features as TextSearch Plus but it identifies many compressed and graphics files using the file header signature, giving the investigator a listing of files that could store information in a compressed or graphic format.

Also included in this suite is HexSearch. This tool provides a similar interface as TextSearch Plus while allowing the user to search for hexadecimal strings, such as file headers, non-printing characters, and more. For information about availability and pricing contact NTI.

File Encryption Software

This software is used to secure sensitive files stored on portable and desktop computers. Because it uses NIST tested and approved AES 256 encryption, it qualifies for government use with classified 'Secret' level data. This software exceeds commercial security requirements and it is much easier to use than PGP. It includes a management tool so that corporate information is not lost to the corporation. An export license may be required for locations outside the United States.

Evidence Grade Bitstream Backup Software

The industry standard for making evidence grade bit-stream backups of hard drives has gotten even better with version 3.0. NTI incorporated the NIST approved 256-bit SHA algorithm to provide greater protection against manipulation. SafeBack version 2.0 users should contact NTI to upgrade to Safeback 3.0.

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