NTA Stealth Suite - Lead Identification SoftwareThis suite of software was designed for non-forensics users with minimal training to identify and extract evidence of inappropriate use on a computer. It can also be used to identify names on a computer to help in missing persons cases. This suite can be used to take some of the burden off of forensics examiners. The product supports pulling information from the drive without changing the drive, providing information to the examiners and allowing them to decide whether to take further action.

The Stealth Suite is packaged with in a zippered pouch that holds the USB flash drive, the floppy disk, the Reference CD and the Boot CD. Since most computers either have a floppy disk or a CD-ROM, it is possible to sample almost any computer.

The Suite Includes:

Identify and capture URLs and Email addresses

NTA Stealth™ is an easy to use forensic tool which identifies Internet related evidence. As a forensic pre-processing tool, it's use can reduce computer evidence processing backlogs and is ideal in the field to determine whether a computer should be seized as evidence.

Identify and capture graphics files

GFE Stealth™ is used to identify and capture graphics files (pictures) stored on computer hard disk drives. It is an easy-to-use computer forensics tool that helps identify whether or not a targeted computer system contains evidence in the form of graphics files.

Identify a computer users' contact names

FNames™ Stealth is a patented lead generation and intelligence-gathering software tool that identifies the names of individuals stored on a computer, including those names stored in deleted file space and other ambient (hidden) data areas.

NTA Output Analysis Software

Once the information is captured, this assessment tool makes easy work of analyzing the results. This windows-based tool allows the user to sort by occurrence, tags, user-defined label or URL. It also allows the user to view the website through the default browser.

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This is a full featured image viewer for Windows.

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