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NTI supports thousands of computer security specialists around the world with its training and computer forensics tools. Some of NTI's security products are certified by the U.S. Department of Defense and NTI proudly supports all branches of the U.S. military and all of the U.S. intelligence agencies. NTI also supports over 100 Fortune 500 corporations concerning computer forensics and computer security matters. This information has been posted to provide a ready source of information on various topics which are related to computer security, computer incident responses and computer security risk management topics. Additional information concerning computer evidence-related issues can be found here. Please contact NTI, if you have questions concerning any of the information or articles listed below. We really do care and we have thousands of satisfied clients to prove it.

Informative Computer Security Articles:

The following articles provide information that is relevant to security risks and computer incident responses.

Recommended Reading:

The following books are recommended by NTI and they cover several topics that are related to computer security and computer incident responses.

Training Films:

The information posted here supplements NTI's advanced computer forensics and security training courses.


The information posted here provides guidelines concerning security risk assessments in classified government agencies and in computer incident responses. It is intended to supplement NTI's advanced computer forensics and security training courses.

Other References and Technical Definitions: