About the NTI Secure Toolkit

New U S regulations make it mandatory for certain types of computer data and information to be properly secured. These requirements pertain to U S corporations, health care providers, government agencies and financial institutions. Based upon these security requirements, NTI created the Secure ToolKit in 2003 to help its clients comply with government regulations.

Because of the high level of encryption used with this security product, export of the software is restricted to specific countries. Therefore, NTI reserves the right to refuse sale of the product to specific foreign governments as required by U S export laws. NTI also reserves the right to refuse sale to some individuals based upon their intended use of the product.

How Secure Is It?

The NTI Secure ToolKit relies on the AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) encryption algorithm for its security. The DES (Data Encryption Standard) encryption algorithm is no longer approved by the U S Government and Triple DES is not be approved beyond 2003. The U S Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS) No. 197, dated November 26, 2001, promulgated and endorsed AES as the approved encryption algorithm for protecting sensitive (unclassified) electronic data in the United States.

Three AES encryption key lengths, i.e., 128, 192 and 256-bits, are approved by the U S Government under FIPS No. 197 and NTI has incorporated the highest 256- bit key length in the NTI Secure ToolKit. For this reason, the export of this software is restricted by the U S Department of Commerce.

The U S National Security Agency (NSA) has conducted a review of the AES encryption algorithm and its applicability to the protection of national security information. The NSA review determined that the design and strength of all three AES key lengths are sufficient to protect classified U S government information up to the 'SECRET' level. Their review concluded that only the AES 256-bit key length was strong enough to protect classified information at the 'TOP SECRET' level. This is the level of security provided by the NTI Secure ToolKit. However, U S government agencies should seek approval from NSA before they use the NTI Secure ToolKit to protect national security information. Government agencies seeking to use the NTI Secure ToolKit for the protection of mission critical information, but non-classified, should request a review by NIST in accordance with the requirements of FIPS 140-2.

Why Use File Encryption?

Three recently enacted laws by the U S Congress (HIPAA, Gramm-Leach-Bliley and Sarbanes-Oxley) require many businesses to establish safeguards and controls over the security and privacy of financial, health and other types of sensitive information. The NTI Secure ToolKit is an important and cost effective solution in helping organizations comply with these laws. NTI Secure ToolKit can also be used to secure attorney-client communications stored in computer files, source code and sensitive information stored on Internet FTP sites. It is ideal for securing E-Mail attachments for transmission over the Internet.

How Does It Work?

The NTI Secure ToolKit is extremely easy to use. When the NTI Secure ToolKit is initialized, at setup time, two separate and uniquely matched programs are created. The first program is called NTI Guard and it is used to encrypt files. The second program is called NTI Access and it provides a secure backdoor to files encrypted with its companion NTI Guard program. The program relies upon a 256-bit elliptical curve (asymmetric algorithm) for the security of the backdoor. Like the AES algorithm, this encryption is extremely secure.

Recipients of encrypted files only need to know a shared password to access the encrypted. They need not have a licensed copy of the software because the NTI Guard program automatically creates a secure decryption program for use solely with the encrypted data and it only responds to the correct password. In emergency situations, the matching NTI Access program can be used to access the encrypted data. For more particulars, download the User's Guide (Adobe Reader required).

The NTI Secure ToolKit includes the following:

NTI Guard

NTI Guard
  • Individual seat licensed programs are created at setup.
  • Each individual Guard program protects sensitive files.
  • Each Guard program encrypts one or more files per operating session.
  • Each Guard program creates multiple self-decrypting files for sharing.
  • Guard programs enforce the use of strong passwords for security.

NTI Access

NTI Access
  • One Access program is created at setup.
  • Access is uniquely matched to the NTI Guard programs created at setup.
  • Access is kept in a secure location until needed in an emergency.
  • Accesses encrypted files created with the matching Guard program.
  • Provides a secure backdoor without the compromise of security.

Why is it Different?

NTI Secure ToolKit is currently the only credible encryption program available with a secure recovery feature. The special recovery feature allows secure access to encrypted files, if the password is lost or forgotten. This recovery feature is very secure and it is only accessible by the organization's security employees. For more particulars, download the User's Guide (Adobe Reader required).


The NTI Secure ToolKit is priced as follows:

A license for use on two (2) separate computers is granted free of charge to individuals who attend NTI's computer forensics training courses which involve three days of training or more. It is NTI's intention to provide trainees with security software for use on their desktop and notebook computer.

A license for use on five (5) separate computers is priced at $200 US Dollars and these programs can be used by one or more individuals on the five licensed computers.

A license for use on ten (10> separate computers is priced at $350 US Dollars and these programs can be used by one or more individuals on the ten licensed computers.

A license for use on twenty (20) separate computers is priced at $650 US Dollars and these programs can be used by one or more individuals on the twenty licensed computers.

Quantity and government discounts are available. Please call for details.

A portion of the profits from the sale of the NTI Secure ToolKit are donated to the Portland, Oregon chapter of the ISSA to fund computer security training program.

Download an order form (requires the Adobe Reader)
For more information call NTI at 503-661-6912.



Tested by the U S National Institute of Standards & Technology (NIST).

AES Encryption with a 256 bit key length (In other words, the strongest commercial encryption available.)


Competitively priced at $50.00 per seat (well below similar products).


Protects files with the click of a mouse button.


  • Financial Data
  • Medical Records
  • Business Secrets
  • Client Information
  • Employment Records
  • Source Code
  • and more...

System Requirements

  • Windows 95, 98, NT, 2000 & XP operating systems


Download an order form
(requires Adobe Reader)

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