NTA Stealth - Internet History Identification Software

What is NTA Stealth™?

NTA Stealth™ can be likened to an electronic test kit that quickly determines the extent to which a computer has been used to access pornography-based Internet web sites. It is not an Internet access blocking program and it is not an Internet usage monitoring program. There is no other program that does what this program does!

NTA Stealth™ is an upgrade to our Net Threat Analyzer program and it was designed with probation and parole, school administration, and workplace computer policy reviews in mind. Unlike other programs, the NTA Stealth™ program quickly identifies past Internet activities tied to a specific computer and it is does this by using forensic methods and processes that are all but impossible to defeat. Unlike the original Net Threat Analyzer software, NTA Stealth™ is extremely user friendly and it can be used by non-technical computer users to quickly identify leads of past uses of a personal computer. NTA Stealth™ is smart! Its knowledge base is aware of thousands of pornography-based Internet sites. Click here for information about the history of Net Threat Analyzer software.

NTA Stealth™ was designed by NTI to be a powerful new weapon in the fight against dangerous Internet content. The magnitude of unsavory content traveling over the web each day is staggering: 372 million web pages containing pornography are readily accessible, and 2.5 billion pornographic E-Mails are sent each day. Over 100,000 websites offer illegal child pornography and sexual predators can easily hide in cyberspace. This is why the Internet is off limits to most convicted sex offenders. Internet access in the workplace can also be problematic for employers. Surveys indicate that 20% of men and 13% of women admit to accessing pornography at work. NTA Stealth™ makes it easy to quickly determine if a computer has been used inappropriately on the Internet. It can also be used to quickly identify past Internet-based contacts and Internet web browsing activities. Click here for information about NTA Stealth™'s features and benefits.

The User's Guide for the NTA Stealth™ Program 7.0 is available on this web site for the benefit of our clients and to provide information for those who are interested in purchasing the software. Click on the User's Guide icon to review the document.

How Does It Work?

NTA Stealth™ relies upon artificial intelligence logic to quickly profile and identify past Internet-based computer usage. Unlike other software tools, NTA Stealth™ does not rely upon Internet history files. Rather, NTA Stealth™ conducts a low level review of the entire hard disk drive to identify Internet artifacts of past computer usage. For this reason, even sophisticated computer users have a hard time avoiding the power of NTA Stealth™'s 'look back' capabilities.

Internet monitoring and keyboard capture programs work much differently because they record the activities of the computer as it is being used. NTA Stealth™ looks back in time and provides leads and evidence of past Internet activities and it relies upon processes that are so unique that NTI was issued Patent No. 6,279,010 by the U. S. Patent Office. The program and its uses are also described in Computer Forensics, Incident Response Essentials by Warren G. Kruse II and Jay G. Heiser, Cyber Crime Investigator's Field Guide by Bruce Middleton and Computer Forensics, Computer Crime Scene Investigations by John R. Vacca.

As mentioned, NTA Stealth™ does not merely analyze history logs associated with Internet web browsing activities. It is a sophisticated analysis tool that automatically processes millions of bytes of computer data in minutes. Don't make the mistake of thinking that Internet filtering software stop employees from violating computer use policies! NTA Stealth™ can be used to verify their effectiveness in businesses, government and schools. NTA Stealth™ is smart and there is no other software tool like it.

Probation and parole officers can easily use NTA Stealth™ in the field to monitor the computer activities of convicted sex offenders. Click here for information about a Probation and Parole training film and NTA Stealth™. NTA Stealth™ is easy to use and evaluations of multiple computers in the field can be made from floppy diskettes or USB memory devices. To assist our clients, programs to create NTA Stealth™ bootable floppy diskettes are available for free download at

The computer usage leads identified by NTA Stealth™ in the field can be evaluated at a convienient time in the office and a determination can be made as to further actions to be taken in the case. For that purpose, a powerful analysis tool is made available to licensed users of NTA Stealth™. It is called NTA Viewer and it is extremely easy to use. It also allows the NTA Stealth™ leads of past Internet web browsing to be reviewed interactively over the Internet.

No computer forensics experience is needed to use either NTA Stealth™ or NTA Viewer and decisions can be easily made by non-technical computer users. In some cases, it may be appropriate to call in computer forensics specialists to perfect the leads identified by NTA Stealth™ but this is only necessary when litigation is contemplated. Thus, NTA Stealth™ empowers probation and parole officers, security specialists, internal auditors and school administrators to make quick decisions about past Internet computer usage of a specific computer.

Pricing and Licensing

NTA Stealth™ is priced and designed for use by corporations, government agencies and school districts. Much care and thought has gone into the packaging and design of NTA Stealth™ for use by non-technical individuals in the field. Call NTI today for pricing, site licenses and technical support.

As our thousands of satisified clients know, we are the experts and we are here to help you deal with computer policy violations, computer evidence issues, computer forensics training and computer security risk issues. That is all we do and we have been doing it since 1996.

The User's Guide for the NTA Stealth™ Program 7.0 is available on this web site for the benefit of our clients and to provide information for those who are interested in purchasing the software. Click on the User's Guide icon to review the document.

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NTA Stealth™ is Unique!
Its processes are protected by a U. S. Patent.

Probation & Parole

NTA Stealth™ is perfect for Probation and Parole Officers who monitor the computer activities of convicted sex offenders.

School Administrators

NTA Stealth™ allows administrators to identify what websites faculty and staff have been visiting, providing the school district with ammunition to confront wayward employees about their behavior.


Used in the field to quickly identify prior computer usage from floppy disks or USB memory devices. Because this is a forensic tool, no potential computer evidence is modified.

Automatically Finds:

  • Internet Browsing Artifacts
  • E-Mail Address Artifacts
  • Past Porn Site Visits

Use of the program is ideal to verify whether or not Internet blocking software is working in schools, business and government.

Operating Systems

  • DOS
  • Windows 95
  • Windows 98
  • Windows ME
  • Windows NT
  • Windows 2000
  • Windows XP
  • Linux
  • Multi OS hard drives