NTA Stealth - Internet History Identification Software

NTA Stealth™ - Probation and Parole Training Film

Probation and Parole officials have the responsibility of monitoring the computer usage of convicted sex offenders. NTA Stealth™ makes this difficult job much easier. For this reason, NTI specifically created a training film for Probation and Parole officials. This form is used to order that film. NTA Stealth™ also has application for others who need to quicky assess a personal computer for past Internet browsing and/or email usage. Therefore, the NTA Stealth™ Training Film may have relevance for these individuals also.

The training film is available in VHS or DVD format for $7.50. If you are interested in ordering the film, you can download the order form here. You will need the Adobe Reader to view PDF files if you don't already have it installed on your computer.

After filling out the order form, we ask that you fax the order form to NTI at (800) 588-0399 or (904) 741-5407. E-mail orders will not be processed.

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