NTA Stealth - Internet History Identification Software

Program Features

NTA Stealth™ software is used to quickly identify Internet leads and evidence concerning the prior uses of a desktop or notebook computer on the Internet. At the option of the user, it can be used as a sampling tool to process Windows swap/page files or it can be used to process an entire hard disk drive via physical access mode from floppy diskettes or USB memory devices. This upgraded version of NTA was created with school administrators and probation/parole officers in mind.They have a need to know if computers have been used to access pornography-based Internet web sites and NTA Stealth™ makes their jobs much easier. The upgraded version is also ideal for law enforcement uses in the field when quick decisions need to be made about the prior uses of one or more computers. It provides the mean to quickly pre-process a computer to determine whether further action at the computer forensics lab is required. There is no other program like NTA Stealth™ and its processes are so unique that the U. S. Government has issued a patent to NTI concerning some of its internal processes.

NTA Stealth™'s features include:

  • No Software Dongle! - We know that software dongles get in the way and they restrict your ability to process several computers at the same time. That is why NTI does not use software dongles and our licensing of this software allows you to process multiple computers at the same time. NTI's goal is to make your life easier and this software was designed with ease of use in mind.

  • Patented Internet Identification Processes - The program relies on patented processes to identify Internet web address and E-Mail address artifacts tied to past computer usage. The analysis can be performed from one or more floppy disks. On computers without floppy disk drives, the processing can be performed using USB flash memory storage devices. There is no other program like NTA Stealth™.

  • Physical Hard Drive Access Capable - NTA Stealth™ will process all or part of a targeted hard disk drive through physical access of the drive. Therefore, the operating system configuration of the targeted hard drive is not modified or altered when the physical access option is used. Thus, Internet leads can be gleaned from almost any hard disk drive which can be accessed from an Intel based personal computer system. Because access by NTA Stealth™ does not change anything on the hard disk and no trace is left behind of its operation, it is an ideal tool for use in covert intelligence gathering activities, e.g., military and law enforcement assignments. NTA Stealth™ does not alter computer evidence!

  • Floppy Disk Access Capable - NTA Stealth™ is an extremely compact program that occupies very little storage space, e.g., under 70k in size. The program can easily be operated covertly or overtly from a floppy disk placed in an Intel-based personal computer system. Enough space is left on the floppy disk for a sampling of NTA Stealth™ output and more output can be stored on additional floppy diskettes as they become full. The program will prompt the computer user when to insert another floppy diskette.

  • USB Flash Memory Drive Capable - NTA Stealth™ can be operated from a USB flash memory device on Intel-based computers with or without floppy disk drives. The program can be used on USB storage devices, in combination with NTI's Graphics File Extractor software, in pornography related corporate and law enforcement investigations. When this combination of software is used it is possible to capture both Internet browsing leads and graphic file images stored on a targeted hard drive. This combination of software is ideal for use by probation and parole officers who monitor the computer and Internet activities of convicted sex offenders. It is also helpful for use by school administrators and internal auditors in government and business.

  • Batch Mode Operation - All NTA options can be accessed by using command line switches. By using command line switches, several different NTA Stealth™ processes can be performed automatically, in sequence, using DOS batch files. In the case of site licenses, NTI pre-configures the software for use by non-technical computer users who may not be knowledgeable in the creation of batch files.

  • Error Checking - When mistakes are made or processing errors are encountered, a message describing the nature of the error and a possible remedy will be displayed on the screen.

  • Pornography Web Site Aware - NTA Stealth™'s logic has been updated to flag pornography-based Internet web sites automatically. NTA Stealth™ has knowledge of thousands of child and adult porn sites. When a known pornography-based Internet web site is identified, the program will flag the item in the program output file and it will also display a tally of porn-based findings on the display screen of the operating computer. At the option of the user, NTA Stealth™ can be configured to only identify pornography-based Internet leads.

  • Internet Country Code Translation - NTA Stealth™ has embedded knowledge of all of the Internet country codes. In this regard, NTA Stealth™ is more accurate than prior versions of NTA. The NTA Stealth™ version translates the cryptic country codes and records the full name of the country involved in the NTA Stealth™ output file.

  • Database File Output - NTA Stealth™ output is in the form of a dBASE III Plus file. This file format was chosen because it is compatible with most commercial database and spreadsheet applications. The file format is also capable of storing billions of records. Although the NTA Stealth™ output files can be read and analyzed by numerous programs, NTI provides licensed copies of NTA Viewer software to all licensed users of the NTA Stealth™ program. This special analysis software was designed specifically for use with NTA Stealth™ output files and it saves a considerable amount of time in the review of Internet-related leads and evidence.

  • Fast Operating Speeds - Although more capabilities and logic have been incorporated into the upgraded NTA Stealth™ software, its processing speeds are still extremely fast.

The User's Guide for the NTA Stealth™ Program is available on this web site for the benefit of our clients. Click here for the detailed NTA Stealth™ User's Guide.

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