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What is it?

M-Sweep Pro is a remarkable security product developed primarily for use on notebook computers that contain trade secrets and other forms of sensitive computer data. It also has application both with desktop computers and in the safe exchange of data via floppy diskettes and Iomega Zip Disks. That is particularly important for lawyers, accountants and financial advisors who are entrusted with confidential client information. The software also has significant value for corporate and government executives whose outdated notebook and desktop computers may be reassigned or surplused ---- a common practice. The reason is this: many government agencies and corporations rely upon the simple reformat of computer hard disk drives to eliminate data on computers that are discarded or donated to charity. When only that is done, the data is easily recoverable through computer forensic or simple data recovery processes. The bottom line: reformat of a hard disk drive provides essentially no level of security. This program and its uses are described in Computer Forensics, Incident Response Essentials by Warren G. Kruse II and Jay G. Heiser, Cyber Crime Investigator's Field Guide by Bruce Middleton, and Computer Forensics, Computer Crime Scene Investigation by John R. Vacca.

Why is it important?

Today's computers were designed primarily for speed and convenience. Security was not part of the design. As a result, sensitive information "leaks" into file slack, the Windows swap file and unallocated (erased) file space, all without the knowledge of the computer user. Such information can unknowingly be transferred to others. In the case of lawyers, they may inadvertently compromise attorney-client information through the exchange of word processing files and floppy diskettes to clients, other professional or worse, opposing counsel. In the case of corporate executives, insider information and trade secrets may unintentionally be compromised through the transfer of notebook computers or through the disposition of corporate computers. Be assured that such data can easily be recovered. We know, because as computer forensics experts, we are asked to verify or recover that kind of data every day. But these problems don't have to exist and they can easily be overcome through the use of M-Sweep Pro software.

How does it work?

This software is used to repeatedly overwrite ambient computer data storage areas. These obscure data storage areas are usually unknown to most computer users and they are a potent source of computer security risks. The software was designed to deal with all Microsoft Windows-based operating systems because most notebook computers rely upon these popular operating systems and M-Sweep Pro has been optimized for speed and to deal with large hard disk drives. It is compatible with DOS, Windows, Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows NT, Windows 2000 and Windows XP. The current version of the program is faster than the original M-Sweep program which was only compatible with DOS, Windows 95 and Windows 98 computer systems.

M-Sweep Pro is far superior to any similar products that run under Windows, Windows NT and DOS. This is because M-Sweep Pro was designed, tested and written by world class experts in the field of computer forensics. This powerful security software also meets US government requirements for the secure deletion of computer data and it deals with threats associated with shadow data concepts. Although the program automatically validates the secure elimination of computer data, classified government agencies can also certify the data elimination processes through the use of NTI's GetSlack and GetFree computer forensic tools as a means of cross-validation.

Who can, and can't, get M-Sweep Pro?

This unique security software is the most effective product available. Unfortunately this software can be used to eliminate evidence of criminal violations and terrorist activities. For that reason, NTI restricts the sale of the product to Fortune 1000 corporations, government agencies, pre-qualified law firms, pre-qualified accounting firms, hospitals and pre-qualified law enforcement agencies. Unlike some of our competitors, we continue to restrict the sale of all of our security and computer forensics software utilities. In the wrong hands, such software can be used to further criminal acts and intelligence gathering efforts against US government agencies and US-based corporations. NTI does not sell its products to the general public. There are companies with publicly available products that claim to provide the same security benefits. Fortunately, they are not as effective as M-Sweep Pro. If you qualify to use this tool, you literally can't afford not to have it.

M-Sweep Pro - Primary Uses:

The current release is Version 4.11 and the GSA Product Number is MS4.11. U. S. Government clients should click here for information about GSA purchases.

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