Electronic Evidence Discovery Training

At your location or ours

Forensic Computer Science involves the preservation, identification and analysis of computer evidence stored in the form of magnetically encoded information (data). Many times the computer evidence involved was created transparently and without the knowledge of the operator of the computer. Also, more and more, evidence found on hard disk drives is tied to Internet communications or Internet browsing activities.

This course has been created for our law firm clients. It is intended for lawyers and paralegals who desire an understanding of the benefits of computer evidence in civil litigation. This is an instructional seminar and is sponsored jointly by New Technologies, Inc. (NTI) and The Marosi Group. It is not a marketing presentation. Rather it has been crafted to be an instructional session. The participants will leave with a good understanding of the following:

The instructors for this session include Michael R. Anderson who is internationally recognized in the field of computer forensics. He has been quoted in numerous publications and most recently was covered by The News with Brian Williams on MSNBC. Another instructor is David P. Marosi who is well known in the Pacific Northwest in the field of corporate investigations and investigative litigation support. The course presentation will include case examples and studies as presented by various NTI computer forensics experts.

Please direct E-mail to or call Scott Stevens at New Technologies, Inc. at 503-661-6912 for information about this course.

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