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GetNames is a computer forensics filtering tool that is used to quickly identify English given names stored on computer hard disk drives and/or computer storage media.. This is an invaluable tool for use in law enforcement investigations because the tool will quickly identify whether or not one or more specific names are tied to a subject computer. The tool will also provide investigators leads concerning the names of associates which may not have been known prior to the analysis provided by this unique computer forensics tool. In keeping with NTI's continuing support of law enforcement computer crime specialists, this tool is provided free of charge for official law enforcement use. Click here for the Law Enforcement Software Order Form.

GetNames software relies upon pre-programmed artificial intelligence logic to identify patterns of data which likely represent the names of individuals. The program not only identifies first names but it also identifies first names, middle names and last names as well as titles associated with a name. This logic relied upon by GetNames is so unique that NTI was issued Patent No. 6,263,349 by the U. S. Patent Office. There is no other software tool like this and it can make or break a case when multiple individuals are involved in the commission of a crime.

GetNames software is 100% compatible with MS-DOS and with Windows 9x and WindowsNT/2000/XP. However, when executed from Windows, GetNames runs at a much faster speed. By default, all supported English given name types are searched for automatically and the speed of this program is very impressive. However, the operating speeds are dependent upon the speed of the computer. On our test computers the processing speeds exceed 20 million bytes per second. Be aware that this program is designed to identify English given names and a companion program called Forensic Name Extractor also identifies European and Arabic name formats. If your investigation involves names other than English given names, then you may want to consider using that more full featured version of the program.

At the option of the user, GetNames software can be used as a data sampling tool when used to process Windows swap/page files. It can also be used to identify essentially all relevant English name combinations on a subject computer when it is used in conjunction with NTI's SafeBack evidence grade backup software. Once the user identifies potentially interesting leads, e.g., an unknown name that is found several times on the subject computer, then all occurrences can be identified and reviewed in context through the use of a computer forensic search utility like NTI's Text Search Plus. Be aware that this tool does not deals with names stored in compressed or encrypted forms.

GetNames software adds new potentials to the computer investigation process and it can be run in batch mode with other computer forensic processes. It also supplements the investigation potentials in identity theft cases when used in combination with NTI's SafeBack evidence grade backup software, G-Extract, Filter_N and a computer forensics search tool like NTI's Text Search Plus. All of these computer forensics tools were designed with our law enforcement clients in mind and they are made available to law enforcement computer crime specialists at discounted rates to help stretch limited law enforcement budgets. All of these tools can also be operated in automatic batch mode which makes the processing essentially automatic in the evaluation of a computer hard disk drive that may potentially be involved in crimes associated with identity theft and/or consumer frauds.

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The current release is Version 1.01 and the GSA Product Number is GN1.01. U. S. Government clients should click here for information about GSA purchases.

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