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Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) is the foundation on which the Internet world wide web is built. Documents created in HTML interact with graphics files to make Internet browsing possible and HTML is the language of the Internet. Unfortunately, HTML is also used in the distribution of child pornography on the Internet. For this reason, HTML and graphics file identification is vitally important to law enforcement computer crime specialists when they are involved in the investigation of Internet related crimes.

GetHTML was designed with our law enforcement friends and clients in mind and it has the potential of making or breaking an Internet related case. It is a computer forensics software tool which was designed to automatically identify and extract HTML created documents and files from ambient data sources and from SafeBack bit stream image backup files. The latter process has the potential of quickly identifying all of the HTML documents stored on a computers hard disk drive. The resulting output files can be quickly evaluated using any popular Internet browser, e.g., Internet Explorer, NetScape, etc. GetHTML software is distributed free of charge to law enforcement computer specialists to help stretch limited law enforcement budgets. Click here for the Law Enforcement order form.

This computer forensics tool saves time and it was specifically created to accurately and quickly reconstruct evidence grade copies of "deleted" HTML documents and files. Most users are unaware that the computer transparently stores copies of HTML from Internet browsing sessions. Many times, the presence of these HTML documents on a target computer can provide valuable leads or help with the interview of a subject in an Internet related investigation. You should be aware that HTML documents do not contain graphic images. Rather they contain references to graphics files that they interact with. Therefore, this software should be used in combination with other computer forensics tools like NTI's Graphics File Extractor Software or NTI's GetGif File Extractor Software and the latter of the two is also provided to law enforcement computer crime specialists free of charge for official uses.

GetHTML software can also be used effectively to identify and reconstruct partial HTML documents which passed through Windows Swap/Page files during Internet web browsing sessions. An "after-the-fact" analysis of such files can quickly determine how a computer may have been used. Such information is invaluable to corporate investigators and law enforcement computer crime specialists alike. NTI's GetHTML software also provides benefits in internal audits involving the misuse of corporate computers by employees and in corporate due diligence reviews of computers.

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The current release is Version 1.0 and the GSA Product Number is GHT1.0. U. S. Government clients should click here for information about GSA purchases.

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