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Presenting Expert Testimony on Electronic Evidence

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Our clients asked us to create this unique training course to help them deal with trial and deposition testimony issues. NTI is proud to combine the talents and experience of the pioneers in computer forensics, computer based litigation and trial consulting. There is no other training course like this anywhere!

Course Introduction:

This course provides the participants with "hands-on" experience in developing and presenting computer evidence testimony in a courtroom setting. It relies upon the sanitized facts and evidence in an actual civil litigation case which involved the theft of trade secrets. In the actual case, NTI's years of experience made the difference in winning the civil case for the client law firm. Because the case scenario involves the theft of trade secrets, the fact pattern could easily pertain to a criminal prosecution. For this reason, the course is perfect for law enforcement and private sector computer forensics specialists. Testimonials from prior participants attest to the quality and value of this training course.


Up to sixteen (16) students. Participants are typically computer specialists, investigators, attorneys and judges who desire to understand the role of computer forensics in the courtroom and the methodology for proper presentation of expert witness testimony. Participants should already have a good understanding of DOS, Microsoft Windows and computers in general. It is helpful if they also have legal and/or computer evidence experience. This training is not intended to be a basic course of forensic instruction and it is not geared towards any one set of forensic software tools! Ideally the participant will have already attended NTI's Computer Forensics Training Course or similar training courses. However, such training is not required to make this training meaningful.


Three full days at two separate locations: Day one is spent in front of a computer at a training facility in Portland, Oregon. The following two days are spent at Tsongas Litigation Consulting, Inc. (Tsongas). Transportation between the two training venues will be provided by NTI in the cost of tuition.


  • Kim B. Schaffer experienced NTI computer forensics/investigation instructor.

  • Kenneth S. Rosenblatt; author of the popular book High-Technology Crime: Investigating Cases Involving Computers and a prosecutor in Silicon Valley.

  • Gail Thackeray; one of the pioneers in the field of computer crime litigation and a prosecutor in Arizona.

  • Instructors from Tsongas Litigation Consulting; a leading full-service trial consulting firm providing a full range of litigation preparation services including preparing witnesses for trial. Tsongas has over 24 years of experience in this field and has worked with more than 5,000 trial witnesses. They have also acted as trial consultants in hundreds of high profile cases throughout the United States.


The course is open to those performing computer forensic investigations as well as those persons having knowledge of computer evidence issues. It is for anyone who may be required to testify about computer evidence issues or who has an interest in the presentation of computer evidence in court or in a deposition. Those that are particularly well suited for this course are members of computer incident response teams, law enforcement computer crime units, military computer specialists, lawyers and judges. However, as stated above, it is recommended that participants have a solid working knowledge of DOS and Microsoft Windows-based computers. Legal experience is not a prerequisite!

Things to Bring:

Participants are required to bring with them a detailed resume outlining their specialized experience, training, education and certifications. The resumes will be used in preparation by the various lawyers and trial consultants to make the training experience as real as possible. Participants should also be dressed appropriately for trial and deposition exercises which will be conducted in a courtroom setting. Notebook computers and recording devices will not be allowed in this course. All necessary supplies will be provided for all aspects of the training.

Training Registrations and NTI Refund Policy

Please refer to the information posted at concerning NTI's training and refund policy.


Day One: NTI's computer training facilities: NTI instructors will introduce the participants to an actual 'sanitized' civil litigation case featuring computer evidence tied to the alleged theft of trade secrets. Instruction includes an overview and technical review of computer forensics processes and techniques for finding computer-related leads and evidence. The participants will receive individually licensed copies of CRCSHA , FileList Pro , FileConvert Pro DiskSig Pro and TextSearch Plus software in the price of the tuition. These computer forensics software tools will be used during the first day of the course in the evaluation of computer evidence and leads. The participants will use these software tools and others to evaluate computer data discovery materials and also to document their findings. This exercise is designed to be realistic and it is supplemented with documentary evidence which relates to the fact pattern in the case.

The first day of class is technical in nature and is meant to be challenging so that the participants are well prepared for "live fire" testimony exercises during the second and third days of training. The benefits of cross validation using multiple computer forensics tools is also covered along with strategies for overcoming "junk science" legal attacks against the computer forensics specialist and the admissibility of the computer related evidence that he or she found during the forensics examination.

Note: Discounts will not be provided to individuals who already are licensed to use these software tools. As stated previously, this training is not tied specifically to the use of NTI's software tools.

The participants will also be provided with a complete set of eight trial illustration posters for use in expert witness testimony during the "live fire" testimony exercises on the second and third days of training. These technical trial illustration posters have application for many different uses in computer forensics laboratories, computer evidence training and in the presentation of computer-related evidence in depositions and at trial. The trial illustration posters are laminated for durability and they measure 2 ft by 3 ft which makes them perfect for numerous applications.

Day Two: The Tsongas courtroom:

Ken Rosenblatt will provide comprehensive instruction on presenting electronic evidence as an expert witness. Topics range from presenting computer forensic findings and opinions under direct examination to tactical advice on handling cross-examination. The day includes several hours of "live fire" courtroom exercises in the Tsongas courtroom where randomly selected participants are examined on their analysis and findings from the prior day.

It is likely that participants will want to review their findings and evidence after this session and may want to prepare for the next day of courtroom exercises. For this purpose, NTI's computer training laboratory will be available for the participants during evening hours. A class dinner will also be provided during the evening of the second day of training in a restaurant near the NTI training facility in Gresham, Oregon.

Day Three: The Tsongas courtroom: Participants will be randomly selected to testify on direct and cross-examination conducted by Gail Thackeray. Tsongas consultants will participate in the process and will concentrate on enhancing the participants' effectiveness in deposition and trial testimony, focusing on the dynamic relationship between what a witness says, how the witness sounds, and how the witness appears when testifying. The psychological issues tied to testimony, cross-examination and jury perceptions will also be covered. Potentially sensitive public relations issues that may relate to the testimony will also be a topic of discussion.

The exercises conducted on this day will be constructive and will provide the participants with valuable tools that can be used in trial and deposition testimony. Tsongas' years of experience in this field will be shared with the participants interactively as "live fire" testimony drills are conducted.


It is strongly suggested that you coordinate hotel reservations with NTI for this unique and intense training course and that you arrange for your lodging. Direct any questions that you may have to NTI on these logistics issues as we want your training experience to be as trouble free as possible.

Note: Because of the teaming of different business entities in the presentation of this course and the special courtroom needs, this course is difficult to conduct at other locations. Contact NTI with questions about contract training and your unique needs.

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