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NTI supports over 8,000 law enforcement, military, government and business clients concerning computer evidence-related training, consulting and software products. This information has been posted to provide a ready source of information on various computer evidence-related topics. Articles and information on computer security-related topics, that information can be found here. Please contact NTI, if you have questions concerning the information and articles posted on this web site. We really do care and we have thousands of satisfied clients to prove it.

Informative Computer Evidence Articles:

These articles cover a variety of computer evidence-related topics. They have been quoted and used by various government agencies, training organizations and publishers.

Litigation-related Information and Case Studies:

NTI's consulting division supports some of the largest civil litigation law firms in the United States. The articles and case studies presented here provide insight into strategies and potentials for ongoing investigations and litigation matters.

Recommended Reading:

NTI and its founders are mentioned in most of the following books. These books are recommended by NTI as good sources of information concerning computer forensics matters. They are considered, by NTI, to be helpful concerning computer evidence-related matters and litigation.

Training Films:

These training films supplement NTI's computer forensics training courses.


These guidelines are provided to assist government agencies and businesses concerning computer evidence and computer incident response-related matters.

Other References and Technical Definitions: