NTI Employment Opportunities

Computer Forensics is an exciting and relatively new field that involves the discovery of computer-related evidence and data. It is used extensively by law enforcement agencies, military agencies, intelligence agencies and businesses. Computer Forensics is not the same as computer data recovery although it does rely upon some data recovery techniques and tools. It relies upon formal computer evidence processing protocols and the findings may be presented in a court of law. Computer Forensics tools and methods are also used by government agencies to identify the "leakage" of classified information on computer storage devices. If you are seeking a career in the field of Computer Forensics, you should consider attending NTI's Computer Forensics Training Course which qualifies for Oregon State University credits and a Professional Development Certificate. If you have experience in the field of Computer Forensics, you might also want to consider taking NTI's Expert Witness Training Course.

NTI has made it a priority since 1996 to support US government agencies in this important effort and most of our software tools are designed with classified government agencies' needs in mind. NTI also stresses computer security risk assessments in its popular training courses. NTI's founders include some of the technology pioneers that founded the field of Computer Forensics in the US government and they regularly train and provide support to major universities around the world in the development of Computer Forensics and computer security training courses and related college degree programs. There is no question that NTI is a world leader in the field of Computer Forensics and that can be attributed to the quality and integrity of our professional staff.

NTI currently has no job openings but that may change in the future. Please check this site frequently and job openings will be posted as they become available.