Free Software Downloads

NTI has discontinued its free Internet software download policy. In an effort to provide top-notch support and software options to our customers, we have discontinued offering the law enforcement suite. The individual software available in the law enforcement suite is now a part of our Computer Incident Response Suite. In direct response to customer feedback and in an effort to further assist law enforcement officers in stretching their budgets, NTI recently lowered the prices on all of our software and training. This was in direct response to customer feedback from our law enforcement customers. We apologize that we can no longer provide this free support tool to our law enforcement customers but are confident that they will enjoy the discounted pricing higher quality support this change will allow us to provide.

Additional Law Enforcement Tools:

  • NTA Stealth Suite - Software designed for probation and parole officers to quickly and easily determine if a computer has been used to access internet pornography.
  • Computer Incident Response Suite - Our full suite of forensics tools. A complete computer forensics toolkit.