Disk Scrub - Hard Drive Data Elimination Software

DiskScrub - Hard Drive Data Elimination Software

DoD Tested and Certified

What's the problem with old computers?

It is becoming standard practice in corporations, government agencies, law firms and accounting firms to reassign computers and to donate older computers to charity. Millions of personal computers have been put to use since 1981 when the IBM Personal Computer came into existence. Many of the older personal computers have been reassigned or donated to charity and many more will fall into this category in the future. However, data security is often ignored when computers change hands.

Personal computers were never designed with security in mind. Potentially anything that transpired on a used computer still exists. Multiply that by the number of computers your organization will reassign or surplus this year, and you get the point. Computers should be reassigned and donated to charity but the contents of the hard disk drives should not be ignored.

With computer technology changing almost daily, corporations and government agencies have to stay current while still making the best uses of aging computer resources. Advancements in hard disk drive storage capacities, operating systems and software applications cause corporations to buy or lease new computers every year. But what is done with the old computers? What is done about the sensitive data still existing, essentially "stored" on these computers when they are sold, transferred or donated? That is a serious problem, and NTI's Disk Scrub software was specifically designed to deal with these risks, for corporations, government agencies, hospitals, financial institutions, law firms and accounting firms.

ReFormatting isn't enough. Using DiskScrub is!

Some corporations and government agencies have attempted to deal with data security problems through the simple reformat of computer hard disk drives. Unfortunately, the reformat of computer hard disk drives does essentially nothing from a security standpoint. The data remains behind after reformatting. The best way to protect yourself is to scrub the hard drive with special security software. NTI gives you two specialized security software options. If you want the leave software loaded and operational, then you should use NTI's M-Sweep Pro Security Software. If you want to eliminate all traces of data and programs then you should use NTI's DiskScrub Security software which is described in detail below. The program and its uses are also described in Computer Forensics, Incident Response Essentials by Warren G. Kruse II and Jay G. Heiser and Cyber Crime Investigator's Field Guide by Bruce Middleton.

What happens when a hard disk drive is scrubbed?

Essentially the data storage areas are repeatedly overwritten in such a way that the original data cannot be recovered using data recovery and/or computer forensics software. This process involves writing data on the hard disk drive tracks from the first sector to the last sector on the subject hard disk drive. NTI's DiskScrub software goes a bit further with this security process and therefore its processes conform to U. S. DoD computer security standards. US DoD standards require that the data overwrite process involve one pass with a character and then a second overwrite pass using the compliment of the first character overwrite. A third pass is then written on the same storage areas with a random character. The U. S. DoD standards also require that the process is verified and NTI's DiskScrub software conforms to this government requirement as well. This specialized software helps eliminate the potentials for the recovery of Shadow Data and DiskScrub was designed with the U. S. Government's security needs in mind. But the security software has significant uses in the private sector. This is especially true for Fortune 1000 corporations, U. S. Government agencies and those that are entrusted with sensitive information.

Who can, and can't, get DiskScrubSoftware?

This unique security software is the most effective software product of its kind. Unfortunately, it can be used to eliminate evidence of criminal violations and terrorist activities. For that reason, NTI restricts the sale of the product to Fortune 1000 corporations, government agencies, pre-qualified law firms, pre-qualified accounting firms, US financial institutions, US hospitals, US medical facilities and pre-qualified law enforcement agencies. Unlike some of our competitors, we continue to restrict the sale of all of our security and computer forensics software utilities. In the wrong hands, such software can be used to further criminal acts and intelligence gathering efforts against US government agencies and US-based corporations. NTI has not made its products available to the general public since 1996 and that will not change. If you qualify to use this tool, you literally can't afford not to have it. Please remember that the simple reformat of a computer hard disk drive does nothing from a security standpoint.

DiskScrub - Primary Uses:

  • Securely eliminates all traces of data from a selected storage device.

  • Used to minimize risks when hard disk drives are reassigned from one person to another.

  • Used to minimize risks when hard disk drives and computers are surplused, discarded and donated.

  • Sensitive data can accidentally be written to storage devices. This program can be used to clean-up after a 'data spill' which involves sensitive or classified US government data.

  • Hard disk drives used in forensic computer processing can also retain evidence from prior cases. This information can "bleed" through and can appear to be evidence in the wrong case. This program eliminates that potential risk.

DiskScrub - Program Features and Benefits:

  • DOS-based for ease of operation and speed.

  • No Software Dongle! - We know that software dongles get in the way and they restrict your ability to process several computers at the same time. That is why NTI does not use software dongles and our licensing of this software allows you to process multiple computers at the same time. NTI's goal is to make your life easier and this software was designed with ease of use in mind.

  • Compact program size which easily fits on a floppy diskette with other forensic and security software utilities.

  • Conforms to and exceeds the Government Standard set forth in DoD 5220.22-M. Can overwrite ambient data areas 9 times. (Each pass involves 3 separate writes followed by a verify pass.) This helps eliminate the potentials for the recovery of Shadow Data.

  • Not limited by the DOS 4 gigabyte boundary on drive size. This situation exists with several of the existing products which are currently used by government agencies and corporations.

The current release if Version 1.5 and the GSA Product Number is SCR1.5
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