CRCMD5 Data Validation Software

CRCMd5 Data Validation Tool

This program mathematically creates a unique signature for the contents of one, multiple or all files on a given storage device. Such signatures can be used to identify whether or not the contents of one or more computer files have changed. This forensics tool relies upon 128 bit accuracy and can easily be run from a floppy diskette to benchmark the files on a specific storage device, e.g., floppy diskette, hard disk drive and/or zip disk. CRCMd5 can be used as the first step in the implementation of a configuration management policy. Such a policy and related system bench marking can help computer specialists isolate problems and deal with computer incidents after they occur. The program is also used to document that computer evidence has not been altered or modified during computer evidence processing. The program and its uses are described in Computer Forensics, Incident Response Essentials by Warren G. Kruse II and Jay G. Heiser, Cybersecurity Operations Handbook by Dr. John W. Rittinghouse and Dr. William M. Hancock and Cyber Crime Investigator's Field Guide by Bruce Middleton.

CRCMd5 - Primary Uses:

  • Used to identify files that have changed or have been altered.

  • Used to benchmark operating system files on a new computer systems before distribution to computer users.

  • Quickly identifies altered files after a computer incident.

  • Used in computer investigations to prove that the evidence remains unchanged after forensic processing.

CRCMd5 - Program Features and Benefits:

  • DOS-based for ease of operation and speed.

  • No Software Dongle! - We know that software dongles get in the way and they restrict your ability to process several computers at the same time. That is why NTI does not use software dongles and our licensing of this software allows you to process multiple computers at the same time. NTI's goal is to make your life easier and this software was designed with ease of use in mind.

  • Compact program size which easily fits on a floppy diskette with other forensic software tools.

  • Does not write to the target hard disk, floppy diskette, zip disk or jazz disk.

  • Output can be routed to the screen or a file using standard DOS commands.

  • Logically processes an entire drive or individual files.

  • Relies upon 128 bit mathematical accuracy.

The current release is Version 1.3 and the GSA Product Number is CM1.3
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