Introduction to CopyQM

DoD Tested and Certified!

CopyQM Plus essentially turns a personal computer into a diskette duplicator. In a single pass, diskettes are formatted, copied and verified! This capability is useful for computer forensics specialists and computer security specialists who need to pre-configured floppy diskettes for specific uses and duplicate them.

Classified government agencies and government contractors are required to perform periodic examinations of government computer systems to determine if classified data may reside on non-classified computer systems. Programs like NTI's TextSearch Plus and TextSearch NT were designed specifically for this purpose and they are both certified by the U S Department of Defense for use in classified government risk assessments. CopyQM is also certified by the U S DoD for use in the duplication of 'search disks' used in classified U S government computer risk reviews.

CopyQM Plus can also be used to create self-extracting executable programs which can be used to duplicate specific diskettes. This feature makes CopyQM and ideal tool for use in security reviews because once a CopyQM disk-creation program has been created, it can be used by anyone to create pre-configured security risk assessment diskettes. When the resulting program is run, the diskette image of the original diskette will be restored multiple diskettes automatically. This process requires little technical knowledge and it allows computer specialists to delegate more of the security risk assessment responsibilities to employees with minimal technical knowledge. The diskette images can also be password protected when the diskette images are converted to self-extracting programs. This is helpful when you want to keep computer forensic and computer security software tools away from curious hands.

This unique software was created by Chuck Guzis at Sydex, Inc. and it was sold by Sydex to NTI in March 2000. Chuck probably knows more about disk imaging software and processes than any other individual. Since the technology was purchased from Sydex by NTI, the original CopyQM program has been abandoned and NTI sells an enhanced version called CopyQM Plus which has advanced features which make it well suited for use by computer specialists. The enhanced version provides a higher level of security and it also has other features that were not available in the original "shareware" version CopyQM.

CopyQM Plus - Primary Uses:

  • The program is used to archive the image of a floppy diskette and to create one or more duplicate copies of the master diskette when desired.

  • It can be used to make one or more copies of all areas of a "normal" floppy diskette. Thus, it basically turns your PC into a diskette duplication machine. This can be helpful when you need to repeatedly make copies of diskettes for training classes. It is also helpful for making multiple copies of evidence diskettes.

  • It can be used to automatically create and serialize software stored on floppy diskettes. This type of "branding" can be helpful in creating copies of diskettes that will be shared among several lawyers or with the court.

  • CopyQM Plus can be used to password protect the contents of an entire floppy diskette. This is helpful when diskettes are shared over the Internet and when security is a concern.

  • CopyQM Plus can be used to create virus scanned floppy diskette tool kits configured for repeated tasks performed by computer forensics specialists, EDP auditors and computer security specialists. The software is particularly helpful in creating computer incident response tool kit diskettes.

  • CopyQM Plus can be used send a 'normal' diskette over the Internet.

CopyQM Plus - Program Features and Benefits:

  • DOS-based for ease of operation and speed.

  • No Software Dongle! - We know that software dongles get in the way. That is why NTI does not use software dongles.

  • It converts diskettes into self-contained programs that, when executed, recreates the original master diskette as many times as desired.

  • All DOS formats are supported as well as many non-DOS formats, e.g., Apple Macintosh, Unix TAR and many others.

  • Images may be optionally password protected through the use of built in encryption.

  • Diskettes images can be serial numbered anywhere in the copy of the diskette. When this feature is selected, a log of the process is maintained for reference.

  • The software can be used to create copy protection (tied to software), making it impossible for a casual pirate to make illegal copies of the software.

  • CopyQM Plus is significantly faster than DOS DiskCopy and it automatically copies the subject diskette, verifies the copy and formats the target diskette during the restoration process.

  • It converts one diskette format to another, e.g. 720k to 1.44meg. This feature deals with 360k, 720k, 1.2 meg, 1.44 meg, 1.68 meg and 2.88 meg formats.

  • CopyQM Plus can be used to duplicate/restore any number of copies of a given master diskette.

  • It copies files, file slack and unallocated storage space (erased files). It does not copy all areas of copy protected diskettes, e.g., extra sectors added to one or more tracks on a floppy diskette. NTI's AnaDisk software should be used for this purpose.

For definitions of some of the technical computer forensic terms used, please refer to our technical definitions section.

The current release is Version 3.26 and the GSA Product Number is CQ3.26.
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