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Expert Testimony Training - Testimonials

Our clients have been asking us to develop this unique training course years. In response to their requests, NTI has successfully merged the talents and experience of NTI's computer forensics consultants, graphics designers, internationally recognized "cyber" trial lawyers and a world class trial preparation consulting firm into a unique training course. Like our original computer forensics training courses, this course will set the standard in the field of computer expert witness training for years to come. No government or private sector training course comes close to the quality of this training course.


"Among digital forensic training, NTI's Expert Witness course is a shining star. No long-winded lectures on irrelevant theories, no sales pitches disguised as training, just practical real-world education, the kind of training you go back home and put to use in the lab or in the courtroom. From the moment you work the training case and step into the Tsongas courtroom, you know--it's an almost tangible feeling in the air--that you're among the elite, the world-class players of digital forensic testimony."

Jerry Hatchett - Technical Writer and Consultant

"At this time there is no other course in North America for forensic data investigators that covers this topic. I have been training in the data forensics field for several years now, and I have made changes to the manner in which I will present expert evidence in court based on what I have learned. I am confident this course has enhanced my ability to become declared an expert for court purposes."

"This course should serve as the "final polish" to the development of every investigator in the Technological Crimes Unit. Each investigator should have taken this course prior to offering their first testimony regarding data forensics, whether under an expert condition or not. This strategy will provide further assurance that the field of data forensics in Canada will become a respected science in the eyes of the court."

Larry Gagnon, Constable
Peel Regional Police
Technological Crimes Unit
Brampton, Ontario

"I thoroughly enjoyed the training. I have trained and worked in the field of computer forensics for over eleven years and I believe this course is the most relevant trial preparation and litigation training I have seen offered to law enforcement and Computer Forensic Examiners. I also believe this course achieves every aspect of what it was advertised to be and the taught principles will soon be the gold medal standard for anyone faced with presenting computer evidence or expert testimony in civil or criminal litigation."

"The course was tough but complete and the experience and professionalism of the staff was undeniably the best I have seen. I only wish the course had been available ten years ago when I was first started my training in computer forensics. Well Done!"

Richard Biles, Detective
High Tech Crimes Unit
Multnomah County Sheriff's Office
Portland, Oregon

"NTI's Expert Witness course is great for those individuals who value valid critique of testimony involving computer forensic analysis. After attending the Jan. 2002 class, I could see how much effort they put into putting forth a quality product. The instructors, consultants, material, exercises and facilities were top notch. Attendees will definitely gain valuable insight on how to better present technical information to lay-people."

Gregg Yoshioka
Santa Clara County Crime Laboratory
San Jose, California

"I have taken several terms of certification/training courses over my 15 plus years in the computer industry. The NTI Expert Witness Testimony Course was by far the best class I have ever attended. The live-fire exercises with renowned attorneys in a courtroom setting covered all aspects of court proceedings, giving great exposure to civil and criminal matters. This exposure was extremely valuable experience in the field of computer forensics study."

Kevin Moore, Director of Informaiton Technology
Fenwick & West, LLP

"It was very enjoyable, and I look forward to my next opportunity to work with your staff. I want to thank you for giving me such a rare opportunity. It was very impressive to work with so many of the leaders in the field. Additionally, I found the qualifications and backgrounds of my fellow students (Mr. Warren Kruse) to be quite telling of the course's relevance and importance. (If not just a little bit humbling...) It was a great experience that I will not soon forget. Thank you again!"

Joseph Derting
Production Manager
Pacific Legal

"I think it was phenomenal class! Based on the sensational faculty and facilities I expected it to be a good class but it was far beyond my expectations! It should be a required follow-up to any forensics class."

Warren G. Kruse
Investigations Manager
Lucent Technologies
Holmdel, NJ

"I go to every training course with certain expectations of what I want to gain by attending. In this case the Expert Witness Training Course was exactly what I was expecting and it provided me with the invaluable information I went there to receive. I am Extremely satisfied."

"The combined courtroom experience of the instructors was astounding. It is evident that every technique and principle taught is based on real world experience and many noteworthy landmark cases in which the the instructors were involved. The course presentation was so well prepared and dynamic that not a minute of my time was wasted. Even breaking for lunch was valuable time as the class dined together and shared their own experiences and knowledge with each other."

Russ Thomas
Computer Specialist
Clark County Sheriff's Office
Vancouver, Washington

"I had been looking for something regarding court testimony. Unfortunately, no one was offering anything. I asked several people about testifying, but the advice was usually contradictory. When I got your email introducing the class, I knew I had to sign up. I pushed hard to get approval."

"The class turned out to be exactly what I was looking for. NTI addressed all my issues regarding what to say and what to do. It will be good to have this knowledge under my belt when I next testify. For those who don't already have court experience, I would strongly recommend this class. The class is worth it alone just for the experience of being able to endure the stress of testifying."

Michael C Perez
EPA, Office of Inspector General

"In February 2002, I participated in in the "Expert Witness" training course put on by NTI... Wow... and double-wow. Kenneth Rosenblatt and Gayle Thackeray managed to provide a whole new definition for "hot seat"... Their 'live-fire' exercises provided insight into the courtroom atmosphere a person could only receive by actually testifying in a trial. They offered a true-to-life experience that was thoughtful and extremely well-done."

"Tsongas Litigation staff was ultra-professional and provided tips on presentation, right down to how to dress, where to stand, eye-contact, etc., and delivered the information in such a way as to provide individual attention and encouragement to each student..."

"NTI - Love the posters... I've already used the one on the swap file to explain to an investigator 'what I found, where I found it, and why it was there'.. Thanks -- I know they'll come in handy... I highly recommend this course to others -- Keep up the great work..."

Maggi Holbrook, CFCE
Vancouver Washington Police Dept.
Computer Forensics Lab