About NTI

Stephen Choy

Stephen Choy acts as a technical advisor and as a computer forensics software developer for NTI. He is internationally recognized in the field of forensic computer science training and is also internationally recognized as the author of popular law enforcement and military computer forensics software utilities. Mr. Choy's programming expertise was instrumental in the development of NTI's TextSearch Plus computer forensics text search utility. This software tool is widely used by the U. S. Government in computer security assessments. It is also used by numerous Fortune 500 corporations and Big 5 accounting firms in security reviews and in the processing of computer evidence.

Mr. Choy has been involved in computer forensics for the past ten years and has participated as an instructor for the International Association of Computer Investigative Specialists (IACIS). He has also developed numerous specialized computer forensics software tools for the U. S. Government and the Canadian Government.