The Process of Investigation

The Process of Investigation, 2nd Edition
Concepts and Strategies for Investigators in the Private Sector

The Process of Investigation was written by Charles A. Sennewald and John K. Tsukayama. It provides a guide to private sector investigators. NTI recommends this book for its clients that do not have a law enforcement background. Investigation aptitude is vitally important in computer related investigations. It is not enough to know computers and computer technology. In computer related investigations, computers are an extension of humans and their behavior in the commission of crimes. For this reason, computer forensics specialists must know the basics concerning the investigation of human behavior. This book provides that basic guidance.

Charles A. Sennewald, is an independent security management consultant and the author of numerous books. Mr. Sennewald is the founder and first president of the International Association of Professional Security Consultants (ISAPSC).

John K. Tsukayama is the Executive Vice President of Safeguard Services, Inc. He started his investigative career in 1982 as a Revenue Officer with the IRS in San Francisco. He has since led thousands of investigations involving employee theft, embezzlement, workplace drug use and sales, as well as kickbacks, fraud, and corruption perpetrated against charity, and government.

This popular book is an ideal reference tool for computer crime investigators, internal auditors, computer security specialists, lawyers, judges and any one else who deals with computer evidence issues and computer related investigations. The Process of Investigation is published by Butterworth-Heinemann, ISBN 0-7506-7399-0.