High-Technology Crime, Investigating Cases Involving Computers

Written by Kenneth S. Rosenblatt, a Silicon Valley prosecutor who headed up one of the first computer crime units in the United States in Silicon Valley. Mr. Rosenblatt is also a computer evidence advisor to NTI and is an instructor in NTI's Expert Testimony on Computer Evidence Course.

This popular book is an ideal reference tool for computer crime investigators, internal auditors, computer security specialists, lawyers, judges and any one else who deals with computer evidence issues or computer incident responses. NTI provides copies of this popular book to participants of its 5 Day Computer Forensics Training Course and 3 Day Expert Witness Testimony Training Course.

We believe that this book provides a wealth of information regarding computer related investigations as well as information that can aid a corporation in the development of computer-related policies. In light of new electronic privacy legislation, it is important for corporations and government agencies to establish clear employee policies concerning computer usage. Many law enforcement computer crime units rely upon this book as a valuable reference tool.