Introduction to HexSearch


HexSearch was specifically designed for use in the search of non ASCII data types. Such data types include graphic file headers and patterns of foreign language computer data. This tool is unique and there is no other forensic search utility that does what this tool does.

This software is used to quickly search hard disk drives, zip disks and floppy diskettes for strings of binary data represented in hexadecimal format. It operates at either a logical or physical level at the option of the user.

HexSearch - Primary Uses:

  • Used to find occurrences of words or word patterns in foreign (non English) languages, e.g. Farsi, Chinese, Japanese.

  • Used locate graphic image files as identified automatically by NTI's Graphics File Extractor software in cases involving child pornography or deleted graphics image files.

HexSearch - Program Features and Benefits:

  • DOS based for ease of operation and speed.

  • Small memory foot print (under 60k) which allows the software to run on even the original IBM PC.

  • Compact program size which easily fits on one floppy diskette with other forensic software utilities.

  • Searches files, slack and erased space in one fast operation.

  • Has logical and physical search options which maintains compatibility with government security review requirements.

  • User defined search configuration feature.

  • User configuration is automatically saved for future use.

  • High speed operation. This is the fastest tool on the market which makes for quick searches on huge hard disk drives.

  • Screen and file output.

  • False hits don't stop processing.

  • Currently used by several government military and intelligence agencies.

The current release is Version 1.1 and the GSA Product Number is HXS1.1, U. S. Government clients should click here for information about GSA purchases.