About NTI

New Technologies, Inc. (NTI) was founded in 1996 by internationally recognized computer experts in computer forensics and computer security related areas. Our experience is primarily in investigations and computer evidence processing. In 2000, NTI was acquired by Armor Holdings, Inc., a New York Stock Exchange listed public corporation (NYSE:AH) and became part of Forensics Source, the largest supplier of forensics equipment and supplies in the world.

Computer forensics is an exciting and relatively new field which involves the discovery of computer-related evidence and data. It is used extensively by law enforcement, military, intelligence agencies and businesses, computer forensics is not the same as computer data recovery although computer forensics does rely upon some data recovery techniques and tools. It relies upon formal computer evidence processing protocols and the findings may be presented in a court of law. Computer forensics tools and methods are also used by government agencies to identify the "leakage" of classified information on computer storage devices. NTI has made it a priority since 1996 to support US government agencies in this important effort and most of our software tools are designed with classified government agencies needs in mind. Because of NTI's extensive experience in computer forensics and the presentation of evidence in court, NTI also provides consulting services to civil litigation law firms.

Since 1996, NTI has trained computer specialists from numerous government agencies, over 140 Fortune 500 corporations, all of the Big 4 accounting firms and numerous law enforcement computer crime units. Our list of clients is impressive and our goal is to maintain the highest levels of quality possible for our clients. The qualifications and credibility of NTI's training team is unsurpassed and includes some of the top computer forensics experts in the world. A majority of our professional staff have extensive law enforcement and military experience. NTI has been covered and/or mentioned in articles by PC World, the Wall Street Journal, Computer World Magazine, Info Security News Magazine, Info World Magazine, CIO Magazine, IEE's Computer Magazine, Scientific American, the Washington Post, The Los Angeles Times, Executive Travel Magazine and CNN. NTI is also mentioned in popular computer forensics and computer security text books, e.g., Cyber Crime Investigator's Field Guide by Bruce Middleton, Computer Forensics, Incident Response Essentials by Kruse and Heiser and Computer Forensics, Computer Crime Scene Investigations by John R. Vacca. NTI is mentioned in The Process of Investigation by Charles A. Sennewald and John K. Tsukayama. NTI is also acknowledged in the book, Cybersecurity Operations Handbook by Dr. John W. Rittinghouse and Dr. William M. Hancock.

NTI's products deal with the following:

  • Computer Forensics Consulting

  • Computer Forensics Training

  • Computer Forensics Software

  • Computer Security Software

  • Computer Security Risk Training

  • Computer-related Litigation Strategy Consulting

  • Electronic Document Discovery

  • Expert Witness Testimony

  • Probation and Parole Sex Offender Computer Monitoring

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